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Tree & Shrub Planting

Trees add great value to our landscapes. ultimately it is about adding the right tree for the right location. The Denver metro area can be a tough location for many trees. Bad soils, drought conditions and pollution can be a problem for certain varieties. Years of experience looking at trees day in and day out gives us a pretty good idea of what does well and what doesn’t. Planting trees can be good for the following reasons:

  • Conservation of energy by reducing your cooling costs and cutting winds in the winter
  • Cleansing of the air
  • Good for wildlife
  • Trees can add value to your property aesthetically and financially
  • Reduce global warming by removing carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Increase the beauty of neighborhoods

Need Help Planting

Looking into planting some new trees and shrubs this year? Need some help planting a new tree or shrub?

Check out... Schulhoff Tree and Lawn Care.

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